Our Scrum Board

I thought I’d post about what constitutes our Scrum stand-up board. I thought about doing this as I constantly tweak our board, changing its appearance as our current project progresses (our current project is a large website being built in ASP.Net on Sitecore). I’d appreciate any suggestions any of you may have.

Scrum Board

Current setup

We currently have 3 mid sized white boards showing information. The first two boards are side by side, containing swim lanes (an alternative name we use for a column on the board) for the following:

  • Epic – The name we use to group a bunch of stories together. Example: an epic could be make a sandwich and the story would be butter bread, or apply jam.
  • Story Backlog – The swim lane containing all the stories that are to be done, but have not yet been started.
  • In Development – Cards are placed in here when they are being worked upon.
  • On Dev Box – Cards that have been finished and placed on the development environment.
  • On Test Box – Cards that have been finished and placed in the test environment.

Notes from the above:

  • We use sticky tags with our names on when cards are in development swim lane. This is done to show who is working on them.
  • UA testing is done once cards land in the test swim lane.

We also have a board underneath our main swim lane board. This board contains other project related areas aimed at improving processes.

Firstly we have a story backlog area, where mid-sprint if we stumble upon a story that we hadn’t thought out, we add the story to this area. During the IPM for the next sprint we include these added stories as potential candidates for getting done this coming sprint.

Next we have an area for questions for the project team. This is a good place to throw questions you want to ask the group but might forget about. It is visual so everyone can see it and have a think about the question in hand if they walk past the board.

We also have an area for questions for the business. This is where bigger questions that need business feedback from a business reprasentative go. We usually get a BA to fire these off and get us some answers on.

We have created an area for Standards and Practices on the board that gives people an area to put ideas up that require dedicated time to talking about. For example on this project we might have an idea of talking about how to make our XSLT creation more uniform or how to improve a process. If we create a card and place it in the Standards and Practices area, when it gets to the allocated hour we have bi-weekly we can talk about it.

Finally we have an area for blocked cards. Cards are moved off the swim lanes and placed under the blocked section to visually indicate a dead end with work.

We also have a numerical indicator of the number of bugs to kill and an excel spreadsheet print out graphing our burn down.

Moving forward

I recently had the of adding yet more information to our current setup – but then thought that it might be information overload. What I was thinking of was to add a BIG TEXT, visual calendar so that we could keep an eye on sprint and iterations as well as milestones/deadlines and public holidays. I was also considering a free-to-scribble are of whiteboard where people could write down their greatest concerns for the project. I’m considering recommending that we should regularly touch upon personal concerns in a sprint or iteration technical retrospective.

I believe keeping concerns fresh in our mind will be highly beneficial as we have seen quite a few times when stale, forgotten about concerns have been re-raised, tackled and really helped out the project.